The story of Rendez-vous French Pastry

Rendez-vous French Pastry has been created in 2021 by Aurélia AZARMI. Aurélia used to work as a computer engineer for 12 years. In 2020, she passed the certificate of pastry in France (CAP Pâtissier), and moved to USA in January 2021 with her husband and their 3 kids.

One year later, baking is now done in a professional kitchen with the help of Reagan JUAREZ, who is passing her Diploma in Professional Pastry Arts at the Escoffier culinary art school in parallel.

Pastries are available everyday @Lever Coffee with their amazing coffee.

And always here to serve your birthdays and others parties, our cakes upon request are hand made with love for illuminating your day by tasting good french pastries. Rendez-vous French Pastry pastries are sugar-low as much as possible.


Rendez-vous French Pastry at Lever Coffee

A good pastry with a good coffee

Starting a partnership with Lever Coffee, you can enjoy my pastries at Lever Coffee 37 alamo square dr, Alamo.

Come and meet me at the coffee, I will probably be in the back, preparing the pastries.

Cake orders are available.


Baking times

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun : 9am - 12pm


Contact us

37 alamo sq dr Alamo, 94507


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